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Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts


It is that time of year again. Christmas is right around the corner, so it is time to start shopping for your loved ones. Some of the best gifts you can buy are items that will help or encourage somebody to pursue DIY projects. DIY projects are loads of fun and often end up saving the person money as well. In this article, we will cover gifts for DIY enthusiasts related to cooking, woodworking, sewing, food preservation, gardening, and general repairs.

Black & Decker Jig Saw

I bought this saw a few years ago for myself and enjoyed it enough that I bought one for my father as well. One of my favorite features is that you can replace the blade without any tools. Just pull the lever to release the blade. With different types of blades, I have used this saw to cut plywood, lumber, tree branches, PVC pipe, sheet metal, and even bone. The base plate can be adjusted to cut at an angle, and the blower keeps sawdust out of your workspace. I have never owned a saw that I use more. This is one of the gifts for DIY enthusiasts that will be useful around the house.

Pressure Canner & Cooker

My wife and I started preserving out tomatoes and cucumbers by pickling and by canning salsa and marinara sauces. However, to further our canning efforts we stepped up to a pressure canner. This model is large enough for the big jobs, which all of ours seem to be. It has a one-year warranty and is made of thick, high-grade aluminum so warping will not be an issue. You can also use it as a pressure cooker to speed up meals that would normally take all day.

Full-Featured Sewing & Quilting Machine

Every Christmas season my wife busts out the sewing machine and starts making gifts for all of our relatives. These range from quilts to pajamas to stuffed animals and pillows. My mother in law does exactly the same thing. However, we do not have room in our home for a sewing room. She needs to have a compact sewing machine that is functional and easy to use. This model is easy enough that even I can use it when needed.

Black & Decker Lithium-Ion Drill / Driver

A good drill is hard to find. I am guessing we have four or five different models in our garage because I never seem to be happy with the power or battery life. We bought this drill last year and love it. It is ideal for drilling or for driving bolts and screws. The LED light is great for poorly lit areas, and the second battery is a lifesaver.

Kitchenaid Tilt Stand Mixer

When my wife and I put together our wedding registry seven years ago, this was the first item on the list. My wife loves to bake, so the mixer has helped with cakes, cookies, pizza dough, and breads. We have also gotten attachments to make pasta and to grind game meat to make sausages. We found this to be a versatile and dependable kitchen tool.

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Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator

For the last several years, a large garden has been our big DIY project. We bought a Sun Joe tiller, and I am sold on electric gardening tools. My tiller has been going strong for at least four years now. I love that it is small enough to throw in the back of our SUV, and we can even break it down and put it in the trunk of my car.

Creative Woodburning Pen

A few years ago, I started getting into woodworking and made customized walking sticks for all of our family members for Christmas. I also decided to make a series of carved signs for our property. This kit worked well to burn in the print and designs that I wanted to stand out. It is a great tool for a stocking stuffer.

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Magic Mill Pro Food Dehydrator

We love to make jerky from game meats as well as to dry out vegetables and fruits. This food dehydrator can make the job quick and easy. With all the different available settings, you can get the perfect result with any food, and can even set it and forget it. Unlike some other food dehydrators, it holds enough food for large jobs.

Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts

By finding gifts for DIY enthusiasts for your friends and family, you send the message that you care and that you support their self-sufficiency. I can honestly say that the gifts I have received that help me with projects around my home are the ones I appreciate the most and use most often. With a little creativity and research, you can give DIY gifts that will be remembered for years to come.

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My name is Ryan Dotson, and I am a survival specialist. I grew up in the Ozark Mountains of Southern Missouri and the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. I enjoy writing about all related topics including hunting, fishing, prepping, firearms, cooking, and of course survival skills.

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