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Bug out campsite

How to set up a bug out campsite


We all want to think that the day will never come, but it does. Things have gone horribly wrong and you are forced to leave your home and go to a bug out campsite. It could be due to a natural disaster like the flooding of Read more »

Survival fishing: fishing without a rod or reel

Fishing Without a Rod and Reel


Why is fishing important for survival? When you find yourself in a survival situation, there are several priorities on which you need to focus. The main four are food, water, survival, and shelter. It is said that you can survive three hours Read more »

Pemmican is made from ground meat.
Attacker with mask and gun during a violent home invasion.
Camouflaged bug out bag
Camouflaged bug out bag
Practicing situational awareness helps a woman walking alone to realize someone is following her.
Map and compass as one of the land navigation techniques
How NOT to start prepping.